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Welcome to SHIMI, South Africa's premier commercial vehicle hailing platform.

Our mission? To simplify, streamline and optimise your last-mile delivery needs.

We allow you to focus on your core business operations by providing comprehensive last-mile logistical solutions through our online platform.

Your business can book, track and manage its deliveries online while having instant access to a diverse fleet of trucks and bakkies to meet each unique delivery need.
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An annual overview

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Benefiting your business

Become part of the SHIMI community and unlock the exceptional value we add to your logistics operations. Experience firsthand how we transform logistical challenges into seamless solutions.

Discounted Rates 2.png

Discounted Rates on Volume

Enjoy up to 30% volume-based discounts for cost-efficient delivery options.

Goods-In-Transit Cover

Rest assured with Goods in Transit cover, ensuring the safety of your transported items.

KPI Reporting

Access detailed Key Performance Indicator reports to track and optimize your delivery performance.

Customised Pricing Logic

Benefit from personalised pricing structures designed to fit your business requirements.

Cash and Account Payment Options

Convenient payment methods to suit your preferences.

Customised Templates

Tailor your booking form according to your business needs.

How we operate

The SHIMI platform is at the heart of everything we do, designed to revolutionise the way you manage your last-mile logistics.

It's all about simplicity, efficiency, and transforming the complexities of logistics into smooth, straightforward experiences.

Request a Delivery

Enter your pickup and drop-off locations, select the vehicle size and type and outline some basic details such as contact person(s). We're here to make it easy for you from the start.

Get Matched with a Driver

Our SHIMI platform swiftly connects you with a nearby driver who meets your requirements, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery that you can rely on.

Track Your Delivery

Stay updated in real-time with live delivery tracking, from pickup to drop-off. Our commitment to transparency ensures peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Retrieve Your Proof of Delivery

Immediately following your delivery, access your three-layered proof of delivery via your SHIMI dashboard. Our system ensures swift and reliable retrieval, providing you with necessary documentation without delay.

The circles we move in

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Industries We Serve

SHIMI can accommodate just about any delivery need from any industry.

Furniture & Appliances.png

Furniture & Large Appliances

SHIMI specialises in the safe, efficient transport of furniture by connecting you with experienced drivers and suitable vehicles. For retailers, manufacturers, or home movers, we ensure flawless delivery.


Scaffolding & Formwork

Avoid delays at site, streamline your formwork deliveries with SHIMI by connecting to drivers skilled in formwork material handling and delivery.

Tiles & Sanware.png

Tiles & Sanitary

SHIMI ensures safe delivery of tiles and sanitary ware with drivers trained in handling fragile items, minimising damages for intact arrival and installation readiness.

Timber, Ceiling & Partitions


SHIMI excels in timber & gypsum board delivery, offering a network of professional drivers equipped for secure transport of any size load. Depend on us for efficient and professional timber and gypsum board logistics.

Solar & Renewable Energy


SHIMI supports sustainable energy initiatives with expert logistics for solar panels and renewable equipment. We connect you to experienced drivers for the safe, efficient transport of sensitive components, essential for both residential and large-scale projects. Trust SHIMI for your renewable energy logistics needs.



SHIMI specialises in transporting fencing for both temporary and permanent installations, catering to commercial and residential projects. Our platform connects you with skilled drivers equipped to handle and deliver fencing materials securely and on time, making us your trusted partner for all fencing logistics needs.

Steel & Structural Reinforcing

SHIMI matches you with expert drivers for steel transport, ensuring safe, efficient delivery for construction, manufacturing, or fabrication needs.

Non perishable foods.png

Non-Perishable Consumables

SHIMI ensures safe, efficient delivery of non-perishable consumables, leveraging skilled drivers and appropriate vehicles for seamless transport.

Builders Hardware & DIY Outlets

​Builders Hardware & DIY Outlets.png

For hardware and building material delivery, SHIMI connects you with knowledgeable drivers for fast, dependable transport of anything you’ll find at your local builders material and hardware store.

Events & Hiring

Events & Hiring.png

SHIMI offers specialised logistics for the events and catering industry, ensuring timely and secure transport of equipment and supplies. With drivers experienced in handling the unique needs of events, from delicate tableware to large staging materials, SHIMI is the trusted partner for seamless event preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can SHIMI benefit my business's last-mile logistics?
    SHIMI offers a range of benefits for businesses: Instant Quotes: Gain quick insights into delivery costs, allowing for efficient budgeting and decision-making. Book Orders with Ease: Seamlessly schedule and manage your deliveries online through our user-friendly platform. Near-Instant Access to Diverse Fleet: Gain immediate access to a diverse range of trucks and bakkies, allowing you to choose the right vehicle type for your specific delivery needs. Efficient Order Tracking: Track the progress of your orders in real-time for enhanced visibility and customer satisfaction. Retrieve PODs Instantly: Access real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) information, enhancing post-delivery processes. This allows your business to focus on core operations while ensuring a seamless delivery process.
  • What types of businesses can benefit from SHIMI's services?
    SHIMI caters to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to scaffolding & formwork, furniture & large appliances, tiles & sanitaryware, builders hardware & DIY outlets, non-perishable consumables, timber, structural reinforcing, and injection-molded plastics. We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique delivery needs of various businesses.
  • How does SHIMI ensure the reliability of its drivers?
    All SHIMI drivers undergo thorough vetting, background checks, and extensive training. We prioritize reliability and safety, ensuring that your deliveries are in capable and trustworthy hands. Our commitment is to provide a reliable and secure delivery experience for your business.
  • Can I customise the logistics solutions based on my business's specific needs?
    Absolutely! SHIMI understands that each business has unique logistics requirements. Our platform allows you to customize and tailor logistics solutions to meet your specific needs. From choosing the right vehicle type to scheduling deliveries at convenient times, SHIMI provides flexibility to accommodate your business.
  • What sets SHIMI apart from traditional logistics providers?
    SHIMI stands out with its user-friendly online platform that simplifies the entire last-mile logistics process. Unlike traditional providers, there are no lengthy account setup processes or hefty deposits. SHIMI offers competitive pricing, transparency, and convenience without hidden fees.
  • How can my business join SHIMI and start using its services?
    Joining SHIMI is a straightforward process. Upon immediate access, you can: Pay Securely by Card: Enjoy the convenience of secure card payment through our gateway for quick and hassle-free transactions. Request Account Facility: If your business requires an account facility, simply request one. We facilitate this through a straightforward credit application process, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to your financial preferences.
  • Are there any registration or monthly fees?
    No, SHIMI operates on a transparent and cost-effective model. There are no registration or monthly fees for businesses using our platform. We believe in providing a seamless and affordable last-mile logistics solution without unnecessary financial barriers. Joining SHIMI is free, allowing businesses to access our services without incurring additional costs.
  • Are my goods insured in transit?
    Yes, SHIMI provides Goods in Transit (GIT) cover to ensure the safety and security of your goods during transportation. We understand the importance of protecting your valuable items, and our insurance coverage adds an extra layer of confidence for businesses using our services. You can trust SHIMI to prioritize the safety and integrity of your goods throughout the delivery process.
  • Does SHIMI offer any account facilities?
    Certainly! SHIMI understands the diverse needs of businesses, and we offer various account and payment facilities. Depending on your requirements, we can provide flexible payment terms, extending up to 30 days on a statement. This allows your business to manage expenses efficiently and maintain a smooth and consistent flow of deliveries. SHIMI aims to tailor its account facilities to suit the financial preferences of your business.
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