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Logistic Solutions

If it needs to be moved, we can do it safely and without a hassle. 

Delivery Solutions

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On Demand Logistics

SHIMI gives you instant access to a wide variety of vehicle types to service your case by case delivery needs. Whether you need a small, large or specialised vehicle to service multiple drop-offs or a dedicated load, each order can be programmed based on your requirements.

Delivery Solutions

Digital Record Keeping

SHIMI offers key features, such as:


  • Push notifications and status updates

  • Tracking links shared with each party to track their order

  • Real-time ‘Proof of Delivery’ document uploads

  • Detailed reports for each delivery 

  • Customer satisfaction ratings and feedback

Technology Solutions

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Technology Solutions
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E-commerce Integration

The shift in consumer trends has led to the importance and demand for e-commerce platforms. Our e-commerce solutions seamlessly integrate into your online store utilising our digital ecosystem to manage your order fulfilment processes. This means your customers can now choose to schedule delivery on the same day, next day, or 72-hour basis. 

Digital Solutions

E-commerce Integration

Data Solutions


Bells and Whistles

Your SHIMI dashboard keeps a complete and detailed record of your entire order history which you can access at the click of a button. Use this data to gain a competitive advantage by generating a ‘Source of Business’ report to identify where your customers are, where to gain new customers, measure the effectiveness of marketing activities, and opportunities to expand or consolidate your reach. 

Data Solutions


Automating is key to large and growing organisations. SHIMI offers varying levels of integration to enable the automation of certain organisational workflows which would otherwise require dedicated human resources. Some of these workflows include: 


  • Order capturing and scheduling 

  • KPI and cost reporting

  • POD to Invoice reconciliation

  • Logistics auditing

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Areas we serve

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