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Delivery Guy

Become a carrier

Whether you require daily deliveries or are just looking to fill the downtime on your vehicle, Shimi is for you.

How Shimi works for you


When your vehicle has spare capacity or standing idle without work, simply login into your Shimi driver app and select available.


Receive new orders via the Shimi app, this order is nearby and will be perfectly suited to your vehicle. From here you can choose to accept or decline the order.


Once an order has been accepted, turn-by-turn navigation and step-by-step details will be relayed to the driver via the Shimi app. This will guide you through the delivery process.



Once the order is complete, the Shimi app will prompt you to upload photo's of signed documents and stock at deliver point.


Your order is now complete, your account has been updated and is now ready to be processed for the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shimi work for me day-to-day?

Looking for an order? Have your driver login to their Shimi app from their smartphone. This allows Shimi to see your vehicle location and identify orders in the vicinity. A Shimi team member will contact the driver or the owner and give the details of any nearby orders. 

Why is it the smart decision to sign up your vehicles?

We know that each minute your vehicle stands idle it’s costing you money. Shimi aims to eliminate this downtime and keep your vehicle generating revenue by offering you more work for your vehicles. There's no recurring fees to be paid which means it won’t cost you a cent to join the team. 

What happens when an order has been cancelled?

Carriers will receive a cancellation fee. This is the amount that will be paid even if the delivery is canceled. 

Accepting and declining orders

You have the freedom to accept or decline an order. Once you have accepted the order, you can now commence with all instructions being displayed in a user friendly, step by step format on the Shimi driver app.

Can I use my vehicles for other business opportunities?

Shimi offers flexibility. We don’t restrict you from using your vehicles for other business opportunities. You are free to take up any other work you wish. You can make use of Shimi at any point in time, just login your app when you need loads, it’s that simple.

How is the delivery fee calculated?

Before deliveries are done, all the information will be provided to the carrier including the final delivery price which you can then choose to do the delivery or to not accept it. 

FAQs for Carriers
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